In order to guarantee the financial security of your future EUROLIFE Group offers a broad range of products and plans with the main emphasis on capital-forming life and accident insurance.

These internationally well proven products meet the strict requirements of our clients and are offered in packages which are tailored to the specific needs and demands of our customers.

GRAWE Excellent basic

This program is an ideal combination of financial support and security. Flexible program allows clients to pick the annual insurance bonus and term of the agreement, as well as the ability to apply changes to the contract.

What GRAWE Excellent basic is

  • Life insurance
  • Constant accumulation
  • Increase of capital

Main insurance

  • Annual customer premiums are invested in securities. By the end of the program, the accumulated income will be paid out with the invested amount

What GRAWE Excellent additional is

  • Additional security in case of death due to an accident: the invested amount is doubled.
  • Additional security in case of disability due to an accident: a percentage of the invested amount is paid out.
GRAWE Excellent basic 
Program term: 10 - 55 years
Policyholder: 15 - 55 years
Minimal annual premium: 300 EUR
Insurance is active 24 hours a day in any country  
Gender: male/female
Age 30 years (D.O.B. 1993)
Contract term 20 years
Annual investment:  1.000 EUR
Accumulated amount: 16.581 EUR
Participation in the income*):  4.010,59 EUR
Planned income: 20.591,59 EUR
Normal payment: invested amount in accordance to the policy + participation in the income, accumulated to this moment
Payment in case of death due to an accident: doubled investment in accordance to the policy + participation in the income, accumulated to this moment


 *) The details regarding participation in the non-guaranteed income are calculated according to 2016 and are subject to change.


Important notes:
All information and product descriptions have been carefully compiled. However, for reasons of clarity, condensed descriptions may be included. For the exact definition of the extent of coverage in specific cases, the provisions of the policy and the agreed terms and conditions of the insurance shall apply exclusively.