In order to guarantee the financial security of your future EUROLIFE Group offers a broad range of products and plans with the main emphasis on capital-forming life and accident insurance.

These internationally well proven products meet the strict requirements of our clients and are offered in packages which are tailored to the specific needs and demands of our customers.

GRAWE Excellent unique

If you have savings from a sale, inheritance or other source of income, you should consider investing this money to safeguard your future.

GRAWE Excellent unique - the Single Premium with High Profits

Excellent Unique

With the highest possible security and strict principles of risk avoidance, GRAWE offers capital security for your investment (i.e. the insured amount stipulated in your policy). This means security for you, security for your assets and security for your beneficiaries.

With GRAWE Excellent Unique you can enjoy capital security and the highest possible profit potential, and you can also share in the success of GRAWE through dividends.

You can choose premium amount and term.

GRAWE Excellent unique
Facts: (Beginning 2022)
Gender/Age male/female, 45 years (D.O.B.1977)
Contract term:  20 years
Investment Amount (Single Premium) EUR 15.000
Accumulated amount: EUR 13.788
Participation in the income*) EUR 3.039,89
Planned income: EUR 16.827,89

 *) non-guaranteed dividends at maturity


Important notes:
All information and product descriptions have been carefully compiled. However, for reasons of clarity, condensed descriptions may be included. For the exact definition of the extent of coverage in specific cases, the provisions of the policy and the agreed terms and conditions of the insurance shall apply exclusively.